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Activities of the LIBERTAS CENTER in 2013

Major events/projects organized/co-organized/sponsored/co-sponsored/participated in by the Libertas Center in 2013:

  • Meetings with the S.A.L.T.O. preparatory commission of the Youth in Action European Union’s program, April, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Prayer for Peace, May 6, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Inauguration of the Libertas Center: ecumenical and interfaith conference, May 7, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Interreligious lecture on the “Meaning of Justice in Jewish and Christian Traditions”, May 8, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Visit to the Orhodox Theological Academy, May 8, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Visit to the Ukrainian Catholic University, May 9, Lviv, Ukraine
  • International Conference “Introduction to the legacy of Muhammad Asad, a world-wide Muslim thinker born in Lviv”, May 16, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • International Seminar on “Cooperation between public administration offices and NGOs”, May 23, Lviv, Ukraine
  • VII Festival of the Orthodox Mass Media in Ukraine, May 27- 30, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Interfaith Training Course, June 23-28, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Prayer service in the Basilica of St. Peter on the occasion of 1025th anniversary of Baptism of the Kyivan Rus’, July 26, Vatican City State
  • International Leadership Conference, August 20-24, Seoul, Korea
  • Meetings with CSP’s representatives and preparing for the “Ukraine and Italy” intercultural project, September 25, Lviv, Ukraine
  • International Conference “The Ukrainian National Idea: Past, Present, and Future”, October 18, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Meeting with Dr. Thomas Nemeth, director of the Institue of the Eastern Churches at the Theological Faculty of WürzburgUniversity in Vienna, November 19, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Co-sponsorship of the multimedia project for a Christian musical band “Kana” and Dmytro Babak, November
  • Conference “Interreligious and International Relations in the Middle East: Towards Peace and Stability”, December 19-22, Jerusalem, Israel
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