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Interfaith Dialogue as one of priorities of world organizations

The UNAOC Fellowship Program aims at fostering intercultural exchange and interfaith understanding by engaging with emerging leaders and young professionals from Europe, North-America (EUNA), the Middle East and North-Africa (MENA).

Framed around two-week exchange trips between EUNA and MENA countries, the Program sends participants from each geographic area to their counterparts’ region.

The Fellowship provides participants with a first-hand exposure to diversity and with the opportunity to experience cultural immersion while interacting with a wide range of local actors and partners. In every country visited, participants are being provided with crucial comprehension tools to help them understand the plurality and the complexity of their surroundings, and to get an extensive grasp of their host country’s culture, politics, society, religion, media and more.

This year, for the first time, a participant from Ukraine took part in the UNAOC Fellowship. Together with other emerging leaders from EUNA region, Taras Dzyubanskyy travelled to Morocco, Egypt, Qatar and Bosnia and Herzegovina to experience first-hand intercultural and interfaith exchange.

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