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Creative visual map: UKRAINE

Since August 2021, 30 participants of the Intercultural Digital EUROCaravan Project worked together and individually on creating social media campaigns to promote the culture of dialogue and understanding. Among other things, the Caravaners have also worked as three groups on creating collective presentations about their respective countries – Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.

Each group had to come up with a PowerPoint presentation answering 10 main questions:

  • What does being Ukrainian/German/Georgian mean /to you? AND What would you like others to know about your country and culture?
  • What is the meaning/history of your flag?

What ARE:

  • 3 essential elements of German/Ukrainian/Georgian Identity and Culture
  • 3 most important values for Ukrainians/Germans/Georgians
  • 3 most important historic moments that contributed to building your identity as a country/nation
  • 2-3 most tragic moments
  • 1 popular bed-time story/fairy tale that children grow up with
  • 1 folklore song (be ready to sing): tell us the essence, the morale
  • 2-3 culturally unacceptable things
  • What is the national dish/ drink? How is it connected to culture?

As a result, we have grouped the answers in a creative visual map:

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